UX / UI Designer

Reliable. Creative. Passionate. Looking to simplify interactions and tell visual stories.

Skills & Portfolio

1. Web & Apps Design

I design visually engaging and conversion-centric materials for both web and mobile applications.

From web pages to in-product notifications and interfaces, I have the skills and creativity to delight your customers and tell your story.

2. Frontend & Bootstrap

Not only can I design your website, I can implement it as well.

I have an expertise in HTML, HTML5, and CSS, also working experience with Javascript and jQuery. I can develop from scratch or use a plug and play framework, like Twitter Bootstrap.

3. Motion Graphics & Video

We all love video content. So I developed an expertise with Premiere Pro & After Effects.

Whether for marketing demos, simulations of customer journeys via micro-interactions, or full-blown promotional videos, I can help.

Avira ISS Page - Design
Bootrunner - Bootstrap Theme
Metropola - Bootstrap Theme
Valyou Calculator - Frontend
Avira Vault - Design
Avira Safe Apps - Design
Avira Online Essentials - Design
Avira Windows 10 - Design
Ursuline Academy - Design
Soft on Fire - Design
Mia Prints - Design
Appuri - Design
Masti.co.uk - Design
Travel App - Design
Dashboard Login - Motion
Manage Devices - Motion
Remote Deployment - Motion
Avira Barbecue - Video
Avira Teambuilding - Video
Avira Karting - Video

Success & Recogniton

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

by Vidal Sassoon


Results scored on smarterer.com - an online platform for professional tests.
An 800-point scale is used to represent the skill level.


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